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Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

An older adult man with blue polo shirt, smiling and looking directly at the camera

Tackling the question of assisted living isn’t just about hallways and floor plans—it’s a profoundly personal decision. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for who qualifies for assisted living because it typically depends on the individual community. A couple of significant factors that can determine whether a person qualifies for assisted living include age, health, and […]

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Best Pet Dog Breeds for Seniors

An older adult man and an older adult woman playing with a French bulldog outside.

The pitter-patter of four-legged friends can bring immeasurable joy and comfort to anyone’s life, but they could be especially amazing for seniors looking for an additional source of love and companionship, whether they live in their family home or a senior community. However, some dog breeds are better suited to the needs and lifestyles of […]

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Can Diabetes Cause Memory Loss?

An older lady smiling and checking her blood sugar level using a glucometer and test stripe at home

Diabetes is a medical condition that affects how the body uses blood sugar (glucose). If left untreated, diabetes can cause various health complications in the body, including the brain.  Diabetes can cause memory loss, as high blood sugar damages the blood vessels and nerves in the brain. Damage to the brain can lead to cognitive […]

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What to Do When Elderly Parent Can’t Walk

A senior woman with short gray hair holding a cane is looking directly at the camera and smiling

It’s natural to experience a physical decline as the years pass. One of the most significant areas seniors struggle with is mobility. Watching a parent go through this regression can be challenging. However, understanding the causes of mobility loss can help you provide better care to support your parent’s safety. Loss of mobility can result […]

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