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Can Someone under 55 Live in a Senior Living Community?

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A senior woman holding up a question mark sign as she ponders upon whether she can move into a senior living community at 55 or not.

Living in a 55+ community has become a popular option for many seniors looking for a social environment that’s tailored to their age group. 

One frequently asked question is whether someone under the age of 55 can live in a senior living community. Especially if you have children or grandchildren who need to live with you, it’s natural to wonder if you can live in this type of community.

While these communities are typically designed for seniors, some may allow younger people to live there under certain conditions, including having at least 80% of the units occupied by at least one person over 55 years old.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, keep reading to find the best senior living options for you.

The Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act provides exemptions for housing for older adults, allowing 55+ communities to impose age restrictions on their residents.

A facility or community must meet specific criteria to qualify for the “55 or older” housing exemption. These include:

  • Having at least 80% of the units occupied by at least one person 55 or older
  • Publishing policies and procedures indicating intent to operate as “55 or older” housing
  • Adhering to Housing and Urban Development’s regulatory requirements for resident age verification

Once a retirement community has met these requirements, it’s free to set its own age restrictions under state laws. These restrictions may be more strict or less strict than the requirements of the Housing for Older Persons Act.

Young Adults or Children

If you are the legal guardian of a young adult or child living with you, an exception may be made. Age restrictions were designed to provide an environment that fits the lifestyle, safety, and convenience needs of seniors because these communities were created to cater to them.

If a senior has a child who needs to live with them, they may be able to make an exception to the rules, but this depends on the community’s specific policies.

Can I Still Have Visitors under 55?

If you’re wondering if you can still have your younger grandchildren or children visit you in a 55+ community, the answer is yes. Visitors are subject to few, if any, rules, so children and grandchildren are typically free to come and go as they please, as long as their visits aren’t permanent.

A senior living community showing the beautiful park outside for seniors to sit and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Which Senior Living Lifestyle Is Right for You?

Assisted Living

Assisted living is intended for seniors who need assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication management but want to maintain some level of independence. 

Assisted living communities offer private apartments or rooms with 24-hour staffing to assist when needed. 

Residents can also participate in social and recreational activities, as well as transportation and housekeeping. Many assisted living communities like LifeWell Senior living also provide health and wellness programs, rehabilitation services, and personal care services.

Memory Care

Memory care is intended for seniors who have memory impairment, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care communities are safe and provide a structured environment that is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors with memory impairment.

Staff members are specially trained to provide individualized care, and communities often offer specialized programs and activities that can help slow the progression of memory loss.

Memory care communities help residents with daily activities, medication management, and other services that help them maintain their quality of life.

LifeWell Senior Living Communities

The decision to move into a senior living community is a significant one that must be carefully considered in light of your unique needs and preferences.

There are a variety of options available to help you enjoy your retirement years and maintain a high quality of life, whether you choose independent living, assisted living, or memory care.

While these communities are typically geared toward older adults, someone under the age of 55 can live in one under certain conditions.

Make the most of this exciting new chapter in your life by doing your research, asking questions, and finding the right community for you. If you have any questions, please reach out to the team at LifeWell Senior Living.

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